Statement of objectives for Public Policy. 

Write 2 pages with APA style on Statement of objectives for Public Policy. ment of Objectives In our increasingly complex and complicated contemporary world, there are just a limited few who are vastly and genuinely interest in public programs and public policy. The concept of public policy encompasses theories of agriculture, community development, family and health policies and leadership policy, and priorities on service rather than self-interests. Everyone dedicated to delivering work and service in the pursuit of public interest and common good is focused on a career in public policy.

As a newly graduate of a master degree in Sciences of Management at Polytechnic Institute of New York University, I share The University of Arkansas’ thrust in participating in community service through planning and outreach programs. I am determined to assist in improving the capacity of public service in a dynamic urban society through furthering education and community engagement. With my master degree, I was credited with 3 Advanced Certificates in Management from the same university, to wit: Advanced Certificate in Information Management, Advanced Certificate in Telecommunication Management, and Advanced Certificate in Human Resource. Equipped with these academic achievements, I am prepared to undertake greater challenges in higher education.

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Statement of objectives for Public Policy. 
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My ultimate goal is to be an instrument of change to my country once I completed the Public Policy PhD Program at the University of Arkansas. I believe it is one of the most prestigious institutions which can accord an interdisciplinary approach to the program. I am optimistic in learning various public policies and programs specifically in the area of leadership policy. I would like to be given the opportunity to share the theoretical and practical applications of public policy in Saudi Arabia, which unselfishly provided me with 100% scholarship through the King Abdullah Graduate Studies Scholarship Program.

If accepted, I plan to spend part of my time developing greater insight into one of my primary research interests – exploring leadership roles through various applications in contemporary public organizations. For individuals who exemplify characteristics and behavior that demonstrate the concept of leadership in serving society, the most important consideration is to take accountability through an examination of policy design, policy leadership and applications of managerial skills in interorganizational environments. The potentials for research in these areas are vast and diverse and may assist organizations in adapting to changes in the global environment.

The benefits that the degree in sciences of management emphasize that public policies’ response to change is a necessary component to adapt and adjust to inefficiencies, conflicts and developments in the environment. The resolution of accepting the benefits accorded by increasingly global organizations require applying changes in public programs and policies which become effective only when it results in people and group actually improving their collective performance. It is precisely the interrelated concepts and dimensions that influence changes in policies in pursuit of higher education in public service that I envision to delve into this endeavor. It is a career path with vast opportunities and challenges which can shape and direct ways to change people’s lives for the better.

Consistent with The University of Arkansas’ mission of educating, training and developing students to excel in the career of their choice, I am convinced that the university would provide the discipline and focus to enhance the talents I have in research methods, information management and telecommunications. The trainings and experiences gained will stipulate the perspectives to develop practical and professional skills that I need to sustain and succeed in this endeavor. I believe that educational background or experiences alone could not make me a good public servant. The University of Arkansas would inculcate the necessary ingredients to hone me into a professional specializing in public policy, genuinely loving and sharing my craft.

I am humbly seeking for your evaluation of my credentials to assess my eligibility in the program I strive to pursue. I look forward to hearing a positive answer from you.

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