State System Planning.

The concept of alternatives has been echoed by Amekudzi and Meyer who say that “an important step in planning and thus a component of conceptual framework is analyzing alternatives” (3).

State system planning can take the form of many projects for example the roads and the air transport system. The planning system is considered as smart growth because of the way it helps in strengthening the government. The concept of planning has various factors driving it. according to the OECD, “the movement is being driven by growing public concern” (133). This was in reference to the spatial system planning. the book further describes other leading reasons for the development of the planning system as highway congestion, land consumption, need for infrastructure, and other costs of sprawl.

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State System Planning.
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This is the sector of high interest and is considered most by the state because of the many benefits that it offers the citizens. Washington state department of transport has this as one of its priorities. the Washington state policy has broadened its interest in many modes of transport. According to a report by the Washington State Department of Transport, this body has the role of advocating for the safeguarding of aviation facilities, safety in air transport, ensuring that air transport meets the required capacity, as well as getting rid of environmental impacts ( For this to be achieved, the authority has to ensure that there is advocacy and partnership. Another similar project is the one in Minnesota which was named “State Aviation System Plan” as reported by the department, “the primary objective of the Minnesota state aviation system plan is to provide the state with excellent planning tools to assist in making informed decisions guiding the development of Minnesota’s system of airports and expending funds in a cost-effective manner” 

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