Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage

Topic: Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage

Click the link above and select a company that begins with the same letter as your last name (e.g., someone with the last name Henderson could choose Hercules Offshore, Inc.). You can find the list of companies by first clicking on the “Companies” tab and then the “Companies” tab under “S&P Indices” on the left. Click on the various tabs for your chosen company, paying particular attention to the “Vital Statistics” section. If you are experiencing difficulty accessing certain companies, please try the following: Find the company that you desire, click the “Home” tab at the top of the page, and then use “Simple Search” to access your company’s profile.

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Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage
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In your thread, describe the industry conditions, the financial position of the company (relative to the industry and the company as a whole), the economic outlook of the company, and why you as a potential investor would or would not invest in this company. In determining your answer, please be sure to address some of the key financial indicators that helped to determine your decision to invest or not to invest. Please note that while you are giving your opinion, you should avoid using first person.

When replying to a classmate’s threads, indicate why you believe your peer has made a good investment decision or a bad investment decision. Also, indicate those areas, if any, which should have been examined more thoroughly.

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