Stakeholders Influence.

achieve this, I shall concentrate upon incorporating the use of latest technology to facilitate the organizational personnel in the process of assisting the consumers.

I am the CEO of a public health organization. The organization faces the challenges of limited resources whereas the number of patients has been on an increase in the past few years. There is limited staff, equipment, and technology to provide the patients with quality care. There are two basic types of stakeholders in the public corporations. internal stakeholders and external stakeholders. Internal stakeholders are those that are involved in resourcing, funding, and coordination of the strategies whereas external stakeholders are the ones who share their experiences and opinions upon the issues and points of concern to them as representatives of the local community and the service users. Internal stakeholders of the public corporations include but are not limited to director of nursing, head of health information and intelligence, procurement, public health strategists, managers, researchers, trustees, and board committee members. External stakeholders include media, news reporters, policy makers, consumers of services rendered by the public corporation, providers, local authority, vendors, and funders.

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Stakeholders Influence.
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As the CEO of the public corporation, my powers are limited since government is the prime decision-maker. “The specific responsibility and influence of public organizations within institutional collective action…is a source of ambiguity. It becomes therefore a matter of political authority for public organizations to invest in the structuring of public problems and policies” (Demortain, 2004). According to my plan, I would first prioritize the issues according to their importance. I would assess the influence of internal and external stakeholders in relation to each issue, as well as their sources of influence. 

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