Spiritual Practice and Meditation: Thoughts on Origins and Forms.

Thoughts on Origins and Forms. The work is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Yantra yoga is based on the concept of the trul-Khor, which is translated into the body (trul) and mandala (Khor). In this, the body is a physical manifestation of the enlightened potential self that can be learned to see and attain. Yantra is designed as part of a system of knowledge that is learned by the Tibetan yogi that achieves an ability to be self-sustaining. Along with knowing how to deal with illness and to maintain internal health, it is important for the yogi to understand the needs of the physical body in movement. With this need for movement, however, the need for visualization and meditation is addressed and in this system, the yogi has a complete science of well-being. Attaining a physical harmony enhances the potential of reaching a harmony of enlightenment.

To understand the meditative practices is involved, it is important to understand the physical aspect. There is symmetry to all aspects of yantra, as there is symmetry to the meditative disciplines that are used within the practice. The visual representation mandala is a representation of the entire universe. The creation of the sand mandala is symbolic of the impermanence of life as the sand is swept away immediately after the painstaking creation of the sand painting that has taken several weeks to accomplish.

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 Spiritual Practice and Meditation: Thoughts on Origins and Forms.
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In this discipline stands the foundation of the meditative practice. The importance of understanding that as the focus narrows and the energy tightens towards enlightenment, the ever-changing universe, in its immense presence will humble the seeker until a place of purity is truly attained. In this meditation, a physical and mental focal point is utilized to seek this understanding. The meditation upon death is one of the strongest types of meditation that is used in the tantric tradition.

To meditate on the ultimate human fear, the fear that keeps one motivated to seek survival, to seek procreation, and to seek to establish a permanent&nbsp.accomplishment to live out our impermanent life, is to face the fear that drives most aspects of life.&nbsp.

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