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I need some assistance with these assignment. speech recognition software Thank you in advance for the help! Facilities such as financial institutions in particular have strict rules on personnel clearance. The vaults and financial files and data are only accessible by authorized people. They have, therefore, set up measures to ensure that this security protocol is observed which include the use of security keys and feeding in passwords before accessing certain areas.

The problem above is not a new finding, but an issue that is in every financial institution. This has seen innovators and designers come up with solutions that have not solved the problem substantially. There have been inventions such as the use of security cards that are assigned to the various personnel (Clark, 2002, p. 26). These cards are as special keys, where each has a feature that is intended to enable access to certain places to the personnel concerned. They only need someone to swipe the card in a barcode reader at the door and input a password before a door opens. However, the problem with security cards is that they can be stolen or get lost. Criminal or personnel gets his/ her hands on the card and has the knowledge of the password. a security breach can occur, and it may lead to lose of crucial data or even money.Therefore to reduce the risk of lapses in cases where these security cards end up in the wrong hands, putting that power in somebody’s voice is the only sure way. The voice of a person activating the opening and closing of a door can go a long way in preventing such breaches. This is because voice recognition does not require any password to be fed to the system and it a persons voice is unique to themselves.

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Voice recognition is a technology that involves the translation of spoken words into texts. It is an invention that has transformed the way people interacts with technology from simple gadgets like the smart phone to complicated sets as voice controlled military missiles and fighter planes (Clark, 2002, p.59).

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