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Speech Presentation 1st Slide The persistent development in socio-cultural trends and technology has been pivotal reason behind the rapid growth of online gaming industry. This provides a vast opportunity for other business players. The prospect of gaming industry enabled other players to improve constantly to maintain competitive advantage over other rivals. The value chain of online gaming industry has been revolutionized by escalation in accessibility of internet. In 2012, the progress of gaming industry has been estimated to reach 70.1 billion dollars. The factors which are significant for the growth of gaming industry are online gaming, internet penetration, mobile gaming and increase usage of broadband. The percentage of online gaming users are increasing every month from 10 to 15 percentages. Online and mobile games have become highly affordable. This is reason behind the increase in rate of online gaming users. Women and older generations are playing more and more online games. The potential customers of online gaming industry are more diversified.

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The fastest probable mode to conduct business by consumers over internet is by electronic commerce.The application of electronic commerce over past ten years has drasticallytransformed the possible to sociological environment and activities on economics. Over the past four years, it has been assumed that the market growth rate of e-commerce will be doubled. The reason behind E-commerce becoming more common is due to time saving and exceedingly convenient. The introduction of E-commerce has doubles the opportunity for new markets, enormous fiscal benefits and increased the exposure. E-commerce has become vital for every organization to maintain competitive advantage over other multinational organization. This resembles the fact that the total sales revenue of 3% generated in America is occupied by E-commerce. The sales of online gaming DVD and videos are coupled. The contribution of online gaming towards the sales revenue generated in humongous. 24% of international commerce sales are equal to the total amount of sales revenue generated through online gaming. The profit of certain organization can be effectively increased by providing service and product to customer electronically. This reveals the fact that more than 900 million users have preferred to shop online via internet.

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The market share of CanGo has gained radically over the past year. The pivotal strength of CanGo Company it to attract small children and teenagers by providing product delivery and customer care support through online. Right platform has been created by CanGo Company to sale online gaming products. It is vital for CanGo Company to implement certain marketing strategies for the betterment of organization. CanGo is offering best service for product supply and delivering trendiest games. CanGo company is young business and development of this organization has been slow than that of other competitors. The major competitors of CanGo are Amzon.com, eBay and Noble. The largest proportion of the market share has been occupied by other competitors of CanGo Company. Product innovation, website development, improved service delivery and market penetration are the essential objectives of CanGo to gain competitive advantage. The advancement in technology and software can assist company to rule the market share (Newman, 2007).


Newman, O. (2007). Online business sourcebook including online, CD-ROM and web products. Munchen: K.G. Saur.

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