Socioautobiography Assignment

Socioautobiography Assignment Guidelines The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to apply the sociological imagination to your everyday life: To make connections between your everyday life and the life of a historical or current social leader whose life and actions has had a broad impact on the sociocultural structures within which you live. In this assignment, you will reference appropriate Course Objectives (COs) that relate to your Socioautobiography. You can find the COs in this course listed in the Syllabus and in the weeklyobjectives. This assignment can be related to any and all of the COs.The Socioautobiography is a reflective paper that allows you the opportunity to explore the interconnections between biography (a slice of someone’slife), the social structure, and culture. In preparation for this paper, please read this document, Socioautobiography Assignment Guideline. At the end of the paragraph where a concept is used, indicate which COs your sociological concept refers. This should be done using parenthetical citation. An example of how to do this is provided below.The final paper will be due at the end of Week 5. It should be three-to-four pages in length andinstandard APA style. Be sure todouble-space your paper, and correctly use a minimum of six sociological concepts covered in the weekly readings or lecture. Your six concepts should be in boldface and underlined. Consider the following example:“As I think about my experience growing up, I realized that I was at a disadvantage compared with some of the other students. I came from a Black lower middle-class family. In my family genderdid matter, boys and girls were raised with different expectations. Going to college wasnotgoing tobeeasy right after high school. Martin Luther King Jr had made great strides toward equal opportunity in education for minorities, but most people who went to college were Whitemiddle or upper-class high school graduates. I was fortunate I even graduated from high school. My mother never gotpast 6thgrade as education was nota priorityfor women then. (CO 3 and CO 6).•Note how, in this mini-Socioautobiography, there are references to social class and gender.”Below are guidelines to follow as you work on your Co-Biography assignment.Papers should contain 3-to 4-pagesof text, double-spaced (this does not include the title page).Refer to and properly use at least 6sociological concepts covered in Lessons/textbookreading. Underline and boldface these concepts.Connectconcepts to COs. IndicatesCOs covered in parentheses, asperassignment instructions.Cite the textbook and/or Lessonfor the concepts and the Syllabus or course objectives for the COs in addition to any outside source material used both in body and on your reference page.

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Socioautobiography Assignment
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