Socialization and development.

This research paper will investigate into the process of socialization and its connection to the biological development and formation of the individual and will establish the connections between these two concepts. The perception of the phenomenon of socialization is more and more often today realized through its connection with the biological matters, which deserves attention and is a matter of research.

Research purpose: The process of socialization is one of the key concepts of sociological science and a very important component of biological explanations of human activity and, particularly, interaction between the individuals, which reasonably presupposes connections between the two sciences. The research will consider the phenomenon from the aspects of both branches of science and will establish the mentioned connections.

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Socialization and development.
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The results of the research will be given according to the following structure: definitions. the phenomenon of socialization. biological component of socialization. stages of cognitive and moral development. the self concept. Erikson’s model of lifelong socialization.

This section will reveal the key concepts of the work mentioned above. Socialization is a process of child’s acquisition of the skills which are necessary for performing functions of a full member of society. This process of learning is the most influential one that can be experienced by a human being. (Billingham, 2007, 336). Development is a process of human growth during the entire lifespan starting from the moment of conception and lasting till the moment of death. In this regard, human growth has such aspects as emotional, social, physical, intellectual, personality, and perceptual development. (Cherry, 2015). Sociobiology is a branch of science which studies each species’ biological grounds of social behavior. 

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