Social Influences on Behavior Analysis

Human interaction is a type of action that occurs as two or more human beings have an effect upon one another. Individuals are often unaware of many of the factors that determine their emotions and behavior. Simply, we adapt to our surroundings. Every situation and setting requires a different set of mannerisms. For example, people act differently at work then when they’re with friends.
Work is often a lot more strict and proper and to maintain those expectations, one must carefully consider what they say and what they do. But on the other hand, being with friends is a much more casual thing–you can talk about pretty much anything in whatever manner you want to. Human behavior tends to change based on social situations. This is especially when the unexpected occurs; we analyze and discuss why people act as they do. In everyday life we do the same . Does his warmth reflect romantic interest in me, or is that how he relates to everyone?Does his absenteeism signify laziness or an oppressive work atmosphere? Social Influences on Behavior This essay examines basic concepts of human interaction from a psychology perspective. In this examination, two examples of how human behavior changes based on social situation are described.
Behavior is contagious. One person giggles, coughs, or yawns, and others in the group are soon doing the same. A cluster of people stands gazing upward, and passersby pause to do likewise. Laughter, even canned laughter, can be infectious.Bartenders and street musicians know to “seed ‘ their tip cups with money that suggests that others have given. This suggestibility is a subtle type of conformity . Conformity involves adjusting our thinking and behavior to bring it into line with some group standard.

But why do people comply with this social influence? Why do we clap when others clap, eat as others eat, believe what others believe, even see what others see? Frequently, it is to avoid rejection or to gain social approval. In such cases , we are responding to what social psychologists call normative social influence .We are sensitive to social norms – understood rules for accepted and expected behavior- because the price we pay for being different may be severe. We may do the accepted thing because the group can provide valuable information. When we accept others` opinions about reality, we are responding to informational social influence. Have you ever heard the saying “Those who never retract their opinions love themselves more than they love the truth”? But a conforming behavior does not necessitate therapeutic intervention . As these reasons for conformity suggest; social influence can be either constructive or destructive.
When influence supports that we approve ,then we applaud those who are “open-minded ‘ and “sensitive ‘ enough to be “responsive ‘ When influence supports what we disapprove , then we scorn the “submissive conformity ‘ of those who comply with others` wishes . Conformity is associated by such group phenomena as group think, minority influence, group polarization and social facilitation. I have realized that I tend to have my own behaviors and attitudes influenced by the presence of others that I am surrounded by such as being in the presence of children or when I am in the company of a pregnant woman this also happens to me.This is a natural characteristic of mine that I have had as far back as I can possibly remember. I see this behavior in just about everyone I have come across; it just sometimes comes out very differently in different people. Some people’s behaviors and attitudes can be positive and there are even some people who have negative reactions to certain groups of people who they are surrounded by. When I am in a room surrounded by children I definitely see a change in my behavior and attitudes.
Since I can remember I have always loved children and loved being in their presence.When I am in the presence of children I have noticed and also have been told by others that my voice will change almost as if it adapts to the children’s voices or to put me at a level with the children. It is actually a very interesting thing and I have seen it happen to other people as well, and I suppose I never noticed it until it was brought to my attention. I definitely do it when talking to an infant. Also, another way my behavior changes are I will actually get down to the child’s level and play with them as if I were their age.For example, if a little girl is playing with dolls I will also grab a doll and play with the little girl to entertain her and make her smile. Playing with dolls is not something I would do normally at my age so that is definitely a behavioral change.
Lastly when I am in the company of a child I will become very conscious of the things I say and do, for the fact that I do not want to do anything that would be inappropriate in front of the child. This is definitely something that I become way more conscious of when in the presence of a child then when I would be around an older crowd.When I am around pregnant woman I will definitely find myself changing some of my behaviors and attitudes. I sort of did not like being pregnant, and I still remember all the many things about it, the good and bad. One thing I find myself doing around the pregnant women is I’ll try to be extremely sensitive when it comes to the pet peeves I had during my pregnancy like I will not stare at them because I remember how extremely self conscious I was regarding my weight especially when people would stare at me. I will never make comments in reference to the weight or try to not to guess how far along she is.Finally, another way I see my attitude and behavior change around a pregnant woman would be I find myself becoming much more polite for example, If I were on a bus and It was crowded and I was in a seat and a pregnant woman came on the bus but there wasn’t any more seats I would without even thinking about it get up and offer her my seat.
The reason I am well mannered when it comes to pregnant woman is because I too was once pregnant, and I remember how at times it was such a difficult and uncomfortable situation to be in. I also remember how much I appreciated it when people would be so polite, and try to help me in any way.I am only trying to pay the good deed forward. Different situations with different people will sometimes change both my behaviors and my attitude. I am aware of most of these situations that change the way I act and am happy to say that when I change my attitude or behaviors that they are for the better. I was brought up to always respect others, and to always have others best interests at heart and I am glad that I am still living up to those standards. There is nothing wrong with being able to adapt to different situations as long as you are not doing any changing in a negative way.

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Social Influences on Behavior Analysis
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