Smoking in the public

Related to the essay I wrote add two more pages related to the thesis down below..! 

(Smoking in the public)

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Smoking in the public
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persuasive essay. You will write a thesis that is argumentative and shows you position on the topic. Your essay will support your thesis, and you will try to persuade the reader of your position. 

Purpose: The purpose of this essay is to practice argumentative writing. Most academic writing is persuasive. The author is trying to convince the reader that his or her idea is correct. To do this, they use rhetorical strategies such as logos, ethos, and pathos. They explain a few different reasons to support their thesis, and they provide details and examples. 

Topic & Thesis: You will choose a new argumentative topic. (You may not use the same topic as your annotated bibliography.) The topic must be something that is debated and controversial. Then, write an argumentative thesis. The thesis must show your position on the topic. 


• Length: 2-3 pages

• Times New Roman, 12pt font

• Sources are not required. However, if you do use sources to support your thesis, you must cite them in APA format. Failing to properly cite sources will be considered plagiarism. 

• Do not write in the first person. In order to use a more formal, academic style, we will avoid using “I” and “me” in 

the essay.

         Smoking in the public

     Smoking is one of the most common problems in nowadays since it contributes in kill many people. Many young people start smoking because they believe that cigarettes could help them to feel relaxed and being calm. Also some of them have seen smokers who enjoy doing therefore they start mimicking them. One cigarette can result in having more and more and eventually could lead to addiction. Moreover, media plays a significant role in encouraging people to smoke. Tobacco companies spend millions of dollars just to promote their products in public places, TV shows as well as newspapers. Most of the advertisements show healthy, attractive and successful people smoking their cigarettes. They display that all cool people smoke and they are healthy too. What they don’t show is the actual health consequences of smoking like cancer, breathing troubles or even death. When people smoke, they do not only hurt themselves, but also hurt other non-smokers around them. Smoking does many terrible things to human health. Therefore, Smoking should be banned in all public places for many reasons.  

First of all, smoking has negative health consequences for both smokers and non bsmokers. Smoking in public places, such as shopping malls, train stations, restaurants and football stadiums are very risky. This is due to the fact that numerous toxins are produced from the cigarettes, which could have bad effects on people at specific areas. People smoking in public places think that it is their health and they forget about the people around them. Smoking does not only influence smokers but also influences those people around them. Cigarettes have lots of deadly toxins, such as ammonia, arsenic and hydrogen cyanide. Many studies have proved that great amounts of deadly chemicals are present in the air around the smokers, which as result could affect the surrounding people .

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