Small Research Paper

Week 4 Small Research Project Below is a list of questions, and I’ve assigned two or three people in the class to respond to each question, using materials from the Week 4 Content area as well as other online materials, including the UMUC Library. Your responses should be 2-3 paragraphs long. Aim for 225-275 words. Be sure to have a thesis statement near the start of your essay. If you have any questions, shoot me an e-mail at Melinda.schwenk-borrell@faculty.umuc.eduAfter preparing your own answer, respond in depth to at least 3 other students’ posts covering other questions. Also write a response to the other person (people) who research and respond to the same question you are doing. You can learn a LOT this week by reading other people’s posts!Process–Put your topic in the subject area–Copy the question at the start of your post–Cite where you are getting information in MLA style. The UMUC Library Homepage has an excellent quick source for how to cite in MLA.–The UMUC Library databases are available in the opening page for the Library in the “Resources” button in this classroom. Be sure to check the box that states you want the library to give you access only to those articles that are completely available on-line — “full-text.” Once you find an article that looks interesting, look to the right side of it. Press on “cite” and scroll to the MLA way of citing the article. That makes citing in MLA very easy if you use that source in your work. Use at least one article from the UMUC library for your response.- Write clearly and well. Answers should be 225-275 words. Who were the Scottsboro Boys, and what happened to them? Why were they significant? Go to the UMUC Library and look up “Scottsboro Boys” in the search engine. Review one paper about the “Boys” and summarize it for the class. Cite in MLA style. Be sure you explain the role of the Communist Party of America in your answer.

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