Slideshow Presentation

Here are the instructions before:

Creat PowToon account.

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Slideshow Presentation
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Prepare a 16- to 24-slide presentation using Powtoon® (this is similar to a PowerPoint)

Here are tutorials to help you learn how to put a Powtoon together:

Research, include, and cite at least two supporting references in the presentation.

Include the following and base the entire presentation on this topic:

  • Research and present the people centric skill of Reading body language/nonverbal communications described in Ch. 1.
  • Describe the importance of reading body language/nonverbal communications to success in the workplace and assess your personal strengths and weaknesses in relation to it (please just list some strengths and weaknesses using “I” to reflect I did this)
  • Develop a personal improvement plan for this skill. (Again, you can put this in first person using “I”)

Format your submission consistent with APA guidelines.

Export your PowToon® and Publish to the “My Powtoons” library.

Enter the description, tags, and category information pertaining to your topic. All other settings are defaulted for free PowToon® accounts.

Copy the URL for your PowToon® using one of these two options:

  • Under the “Share the Awesomeness” option, select the fourth option (chain link icon) of the social networking logos.
  • In the top “Dashboard” menu. Select your PowToon® from the list, click the “Share” tab, and copy the link under the social networking logos.

Send my the URL link in the Answer to the Question I will post.

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