Sleep Deprivation Amongst Employees.

 Sleep Deprivation Amongst Employees.

. Your paper should be a minimum of 5000 words in length. This paper will demonstrate the effects of sleep deprivation on industry, covering several occupations, as well as consider that sleep habits are instilled early in life. There is no single factor in the phenomenon of sleep deprivation. it is an accumulation of many years of change in industrial and societal demands that have compelled researchers to investigate the consequences of sleep deprivation and its impact on health and productivity.

 Sleep Deprivation Amongst Employees.
Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is a necessary biological function in which the individual is at rest and unaware of his or her surroundings. Body temperature, respiration rate, blood pressure and other biological functions decrease. The brain, however, is still active but at a different cycle of frequencies than when awake and conscious (Talk About Sleep, 2000 – 2005).

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 Sleep Deprivation Amongst Employees.
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Sleep is determined by the circadian rhythms (‘biological clock’), which run on a 24-hour cycle. In the brain, it is the suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN) that coordinate the circadian cycle, and they are light sensitive. Whilst the presence of light has shown to lead to less restful sleep, the absence of light does not seem to disable the circadian rhythms.

Sleep occurs in two distinct stages, non-REM and REM (Rapid Eye Movement), in 90 – 100 minute alternating cycles over an eight-hour period. Subcycles within the non-REM and REM stages operate on a descending then ascending scale where an EEG can monitor the changes from alpha/beta brain wave activity (more active consciousness, REM) down to the state of deep sleep (delta wave) of non-REM. Non-REM sleep comprises 75% of the total sleep state.

 Sleep Deprivation Amongst Employees.
 Sleep Deprivation Amongst Employees.

Whilst there is no solid answer as to why we need sleep, two theories dominate sleep research regarding this question. Sleep has restorative and adaptive benefits and sufficient sleep is essential to regeneration of the mind and body’s ability to function optimally. Specifically, researchers are considering the distinct possibility that normal neurological functioning is dependant on adequate sleep. It is believed that the neurons used during the waking state are given an opportunity to shut down during sleep and repair themselves (National Institute Of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, December 2005).

In addition, animal studies have shown that rats with a normal life span of 2 – 3 years only survive five weeks if deprived of REM sleep and three weeks if deprived of all sleep.

Sleep Deprivation (SD)

Simply put, sleep deprivation is lack of sleep, either in quantity or quality. In order for the body to function at optimum capacity in terms of sleep, the delta stage of sleep must be reached. the lack of delta (deep) sleep has been shown to result in the condition known as fibromyalgia (chronic muscle pain).

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