Single Civilization.

Siege was his troupes’ basic tactic of war. Akaddian armies used weapons that helped them accomplish their goal of building a powerful dynasty. Sargon was keen to empower his empire to a point where no one of his1 enemies would beat him economically, politically and most importantly in war. His focus was to use warfare as his instrument of conquest. He took the time to study prevalent weaponry of the time and noted an interesting aspect about it. Heavy weaponry curtailed the flexible mobility of the armies during the war. This became a focal issue in his endeavor to overcome his foes.1

Sargon decided to embark on how to come up with alternative armament that would give his armies an advantage over their opponents. Akkadian armies went to war with the armies of Sumer in around 2334B.C. After the war, Sargon came up with what he thought was the best weapon to use with his troupes. He made bows and trained his armies on their use. Sargon was inspired by his observation of the heavy weight of the armor of the Sumerian armies. They wore copper or bronze helmets and carried shields. Their maneuverability in war was quite difficult despite their military tactics. Arming his troupes with bows and ensuring they did not wear heavy armor, Sargon gained quite an advantage over the Sumerians.2

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Bows allowed the Akkadian troupes to maneuver with flexibility adding to the fact that they did not wear copper armor that would weigh them down. The use of bows also made it possible to counter or attack their 2enemies from a distance. Their efficient mobility permitted swift siege and quick victory. The bowmen were able to reduce the strength of the Sumerian shield troupes and breakthrough their foot soldiers while still at a distance. This also meant that Akaddian Bowman could suppress several Sumerian soldiers while keeping his ground.

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