Should Smoking Be Banned in Myrtle Beach

So, smoking should be prohibited in public places like Myrtle Beach to save innocent people or nonsmokers who visit this beach for enjoyment purposes.

Beach tourism is one of the major revenue sources for governments. Tourists always like a clean environment. Beach litter is harmful and costly in many ways, and the number one form of litter on U.S. beaches is cigarette butts. The beauty of the beaches could be seriously damaged as a result of the accumulation of cigarette-related wastes. Clean sand and clean water are the foremost requirements for encouraging tourism in beach areas. If smoking is allowed in Myrtle Beach, tourists may not visit this place frequently because of their concerns about the dirty environment.

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Should Smoking Be Banned in Myrtle Beach
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Smoking prohibition in Myrtle Beach will encourage smokers to quit and nonsmokers to stay away from smoking. In many cases, people get inspiration for developing antisocial behaviors from others. It is a human tendency to imitate others. Nonsmokers get inspiration from smokers if smokers allowed smoking in public places. In order to avoid the spreading of smoking, it should be prohibited in public places like Myrtle Beach.

According to a study conducted by Carter et al (2005), the incidence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is intensifying because of cigarette smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke (Carter et al, p.275). Moreover, the studies conducted by Lee et al. also proved the potentials of secondhand smoke to generate health problems.

A random sample stratified by region was drawn from a list that included approximately 40% of all Florida households with children in grades 4–7. A total of 785 Florida adolescents initially enrolled in the 4th–7th grade participated in three telephone interviews conducted over a 24-month period. At the round 3 interviews, 10.3% of participants reported one or more earaches within the previous 30 days. Several&nbsp.second-hand smoke exposure questions asked at each of the three interviews were associated with the number of reported earaches.

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