Should Military be mandatory after high school in the US.

Two or three year military service enables one to understand one’s fundamental rights and duties mentioned in the constitution. As P Hedt comments. “If they have never had their basic rights taken from them they will never place as high a value on those rights, or on the sacrifice their ancestors made to give them those rights (Hedt). Therefore, realization about one’s duties and responsibilities towards the nation and society promote desirable civilians.

Another significant thing is that studies and researches have reported that a large number of high school students in various states have dropped out from their school. One can find various reasons behind these drops out. Many people believe that high school diploma is not a sufficient professional qualification for existing job market. In addition, after high school education, young people may face severe crisis about the selection of their future and they need proper assistance and discipline. Here, a mandatory military service make available ability in decision making, self –esteem , work ethics and professional competency. Mandatory military service contributes discipline and desirable character formation. Paul Ruschmann (53) observes. “Military life is one of discipline, physical training and education.” Consequently, by joining military service we can prevent substance abuse and other antisocial activities among the young people.

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Should Military be mandatory after high school in the US.
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In conclusion, in the age of increasing global threat like international terrorism, regionalism, and illegal immigration, America requires strong citizens. Therefore, mandatory military service should provide for young children after their high school education. It provides discipline, patriotism, work ethics and professional competency among them.

Hedt P. Mandatory Military service and the effects it would have on society. Untinted Lenz. Dec 15, 2008. Web. Oct 26, 2011.

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