Short column on the use of visuals in STEM fields

The company you work for publishes a newsletter every quarter. One of the columns is about document design. Your boss has asked you to write the design column this month; the topic: visualizations. The column is short, no more than 500 words.

To complete this assignment you will first do some research about common types of visualizations (e.g., tables and graphs, charts, graphic illustrations, and photographs–visualization for static products, not dynamic like videos) in your field or profession. You will then focus on one specific topic, issues, and/or type of visualization and provide tips, tricks, suggestions, and considerations for readers of the column. Your audience either produces and/or uses these visuals; they are invested in helping make better ones!  

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Short column on the use of visuals in STEM fields
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Submission Guidelines

You will submit two products for this projects:

  • an annotated bibliography of 3-5 sources about visualizations in your profession, field, or disciplines (use a disciplinary appropriate citation style);
  • a 450-500 word newsletter column about visualizations in any field of engineering; your column must include an engaging title of no more than seven (7) words.

Grading Criteria

To earn a passing grade (a C, 70-79 pts) you must fulfill the minimum requirements of the project:

_____provide an annotated bibliography with 3-5 sources about visualizations in your profession, field, or disciplines

_____three (3) of the source must be from scholarly, peer-reviewed articles

_____each source entry includes:

_____a full bibliographic citation, and

_____an annotation summarizing the source.

_____provide a 450-500 word newsletter column about considerations related to visualizations in your profession, field, or discipline.

_____provide a title for the newsletter column.

_____provide a clear organizational structure to the project.

_____focus each paragraph with a single clear organizing point and discuss details, examples, and evidence that support the point.

_____check that sentences are complete with a subject and agreeing verb (no fragments or run-on sentences).

_____write and/or speak in an intelligible manner (not have so many grammar, mechanics, etc. issues that make the meaning of the text incomprehensible and/or loud enough to head words/lyrics; spoken slowly enough, and enunciated clearly enough, to understand spoken words).

To earn an above average grade (a B, 80-89 points) you will also need to:

_____annotations carefully balance conciseness with appropriate level of details. The summaries are:




_____concise, and

_____are presented in a nontechnical style.

_____annotations evaluate and interpret the source:

_____evaluate the source,

_____evaluate the evidence,

_____intrepret the findings, and

_____check for weakspots.

_____the article remains focused on only a few, even only one, type of and/or issues/consideration related to visualization in the profession, field, or discipline.

_____the article title is engaging and no more than seven (7) words.

_____make each paragraph clearly function as a part of the project’s argument.

provide clear transitions between the paragraphs above and below that show how each _____paragraph’s main points are related to one another.

_____check that there are no pronouns with unclear referents.

_____use words correctly and consistently in their meanings.

_____make sentences are tight and concise (no redundant or awkward words or phrases).

To earn an excellent grade (an A, 90-100 points) you will also need to:

_____the annotated bibliography includes an introduction that synthesizes what was learned in the sources.

_____the article demonstrates a focus on the particular field, profession, or discipline and could not be easily switched for use with another field.

_____make sentences clearly flow from one to another, occasionally using transitional words and phrases.

_____make sentences sound crisp and flow smoothly (when read aloud, sentences sound appealing).

_____check that there are no surface errors.

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