Severe Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

I will pay for the following article Severe Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Identified with bipolar disorder until the moods are extreme and intense enough to meddle with the personal and professional life of an individual, in which case, the individual is recommended a psychiatric assessment and treatment. Bipolar disorder has two types that differ with respect to psychotic experiences of the patient. Causes of bipolar disorder include genes and structure and functioning of the brain. Signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder reflect in the behavior and physical activity of the patient. Diagnosis of bipolar disorder involves psychological assessment of the patient and conducting of blood and urine tests. Bipolar disorder can be treated with adequate medicine and therapeutic treatment so that the patients can live fully satisfying lives.

Bipolar disorder, sometimes called as manic-depressive illness, is a disorder of the brain which leads to unusual changes on the levels of energy, activity, and moods, and interferes with an individuals ability to execute daily tasks efficiently. Durban electronics engineer Wesley who personally suffered from bipolar disorder said about this mental disorder, “It’s an illness characterised by recurring bouts of hypomania, which is like a feeling of invincibility, followed by bouts of depression, where your world comes crashing down” (Wesley cited in Ord, 2014). Bipolar disorder affects as many as 2.3 million Americans which makes 1.2 per cent of the population of the USA, 7 out of 10 patients of bipolar disorder get at least one misdiagnosis, and 30 per cent of the people suffering from bipolar disorder who do not get treatment commit suicide (Healthline, 2012). These are very alarming statistics about bipolar disorder.

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Severe Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder
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The term ‘bipolar disorder’ is generally used to indicate a set of conditions of a mood swing, whose most intense form is called as ‘manic depression’ (Black Dog Institute, 2014).

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