Separation of Judaism of Levinas From his Philosophical Work

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Separation of Judaism of Levinas From his Philosophical Work. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Humans as social creatures use religion to help structure their relationship both among themselves and with other animals in the ecosystems. Religion provides specific values and virtues that contribute to the development of cohesive and distinctive societies. In this understanding, it thus becomes possible to separate Emmanuel Levinas’ Judaism from his philosophical works as the discussion below portrays.

Judaism is a philosophy, a religion, and a way of life with its adherents believing that they have a close relationship with God since they are the descendants of Jacob. As such, God plays a fundamental role in the development of their societies, literature, and oral traditions among other supportive features of the societies (Derrida 76). Just as with any other religion, Judaism strives to explain the relationship between humans and the transcendental order. By doing this, the religion strives to explain the origin of humans and the role that humans play in sustaining the development of life. The faith has both stringent and conservative doctrines that help improve the discipline of the adherents who thus attach every feature of their humanity to the faith. As a monotheist religion, Judaism structures the belief of its adherents to a singular God whose values are essential in the peaceful coexistence in the society despite its dynamic structure. As such, every religious argument that Emmanuel Levinas presents in his philosophical works including in the Totality and Infinity are doctrinal concepts of the Judaism faith.

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Separation of Judaism of Levinas From his Philosophical Work
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Among his major arguments in the work is the position and role of the “other” in the lives of humans. He argues that humans draw all their ethical values from a relationship with the other. He does not give any in-depth explanation of the “Other” as he strives to make his philosophy acceptable to a wider audience group. Such strategies are characteristic of any author and philosopher who seek to increase&nbsp.both the readership and adoption of their concepts.&nbsp.

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