Senario recommendation memos

Ms. Anita Prufrock, CEO Medequip, Inc. Research and Recommendation on Urinalysis Testing The air wave around the company has become very tense as everyone continues to brood over the ongoing topic of urinalysis. It seems that each and every person has his or her own pros and cons concerning the matter. Some are even arguing that it will be invading their privacy.

In my research however, I came up with authentic results which made me believe that drug testing is indeed an important undertaking to an organization’s performance. When a company in Louisiana called Forklift and Spade Machineries implemented the drug testing system, the rate of accidents in the company dropped by 52%. Many of the employees who used to get injured while using the heavy machines were now safe and steady in their work. The manager of the company also commented that the productivity of the company had increased by 49%. This is because the rate of absenteeism of employees fell notably, and also the rate of breakage of company’s expensive instruments was low (Dixon, 2012, P. 16). Thus, many of the losses were now avoided.

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Senario recommendation memos
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I also conducted my research on a factory by the name, Greeley’s Chemicals and Pills. One outstanding advantage that the company mentioned was the improved image to the outsiders. Its integrity had just found another level the moment the drug testing system was started. The employees were more focused on their work such that they could attend to their clients and customers in a professional and disciplined manner (Lucy, 2012, P. 57).


Many people claim that the procedure will be costly and inappropriate but in my opinion, I would recommend that it be carried out. This is because. in fact on the contrary it reduces costs. When the employee accidents are reduced, (Dixon, 2012, P. 16) costs such as medical insurance covers are incredibly lowered. Other costs such as costs arising from careless spillage of chemicals will also be avoided. Workers safety is also increased in the process since they do not get injured while working. Employees can also be efficient with their work without making unnecessary mistakes.

I would also recommend that the drug testing program on the grounds that the productivity of the company will definitely increase and the company will be able to compete favorably with other companies that are in the same market. (Lucy, 2012, P. 57)

I would also like to dismiss the claims that the reputation you have built with the company will be ruined. In my opinion, this is just but a fallacy made up by those employees who are not in support of the procedure. With the many benefits that the company is getting, your reputation will in fact be developed.

Therefore, am strongly in support of the procedure, and I recommend that it be implemented with immediate effect so that the company can start enjoying the benefits.

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