Self Marketing Plan

Part of my responsibility is making sure there is enough staff for the upcoming shift based on census and call out and to notify the supervisor in charge. Staffing is one of the job responsibilities of a nurse manager/nurse administrator.

Other job responsibilities include financial management and budgeting which is an area I would need more experience in, recruiting, interviewing and training new employees. I have oriented several new RNs that have joined our unit and I very much enjoy teaching one on one or in small groups. Completing performance evaluations, determining what services the healthcare facility will provide, and ensuring that all employees’ licenses and certifications are up to date would also be my responsibility. I would do well with these responsibilities because I am organized, and have already thought of several changes I think would be beneficial to the patients and staff if they were to be implemented on our unit. Based on my knowledge, skills and t6he experience I have gained so far, I expect to be compensated a salary within the range of 80,000-120,000.

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 Self Marketing Plan
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I would engage in various activities to prepare myself for this role in order to ensure that I am always in good shape to offer my services. For instance, I would ensure I keep myself abreast with current hospital policies, medical knowledge, and current healthcare issues. I would also look for a role model or mentor that I could speak with and learn from especially in the beginning.

I anticipate having to continuously educate myself on changing policies and healthcare issues as well as adapt to budget cuts and new staffing. I think there’s always opportunities for personal and career growth within each job description even if it’s just improving or excelling at daily job assignments and responsibilities.

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