Self introduction speech

Looking back on my Vietnam trip I now realize that it was worthwhile. It shaped me as a person in being open-minded, a risk taker, a communicator, knowledgeable, caring, a thinker and an inquirer. This ten-day trip changed me inside out. I started noticing people around me who were less privileged than I. This trip made me more caring towards other people due to the incident that occurred when I was at the market. I came across a poor female vendor selling hand painted portraits for livelihood. When she offered me to buy her painting, I bought one out of sympathy more than the requirement, however I offered a couple of oranges for her baby whom she was carrying on her back. This gesture attracted other vendors like herself resulting in all of them wanting an orange. Before I knew it I had handed out all of my oranges to each one of them. I realized that didn’t irritate me at all, on the contrary I was overwhelmed with joy seeing the smile on their faces, it warmed my heart. The conditions that I witnessed of different standards of living made me more knowledgeable about different aspects in life.

In addition, I have visited a few villages  in the South of Vietnam where I found families happy and content in their simple and humble lifestyles and I saw children playing without toys and families living without electronics, this made me more appreciative of the things in life that we usually take for granted.

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Self introduction speech
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On this trip I felt a sense of independence as I had to do all my chores by myself like hand washing my clothes, making my food, putting up our tents, all of this without minimum necessities such as water or electricity. I remember spending the night on a rough ground with sharp pebbles that bruised my body through the sleeping bag not to mention the strong cold winds that kept me awake all night. A quick shower every few days was a luxury. The countless hours of trekking and outdoor activities were exhausting and terrifying but I did it anyway to widen my experience horizon, which made me a risk taker because I stepped out of my comfort zone. I also used my creativity skills to build my group a boat to cross a lake.

To conclude, this trip changed me as in I have a perspective on life and its values. I started appreciating the luxuries (running water, air conditioning accessible showers at all times), which I was used to take for granted. This experience has educated me as a human being so that I am no longer an ignorant person that I was yesterday.

In the future I see myself organizing similar trips for ultra-privileged children from first world countries so that they too can experience, connect and have a different perspective on the significant values of life.

i would like a speech from an objects point of view from the top highlighted essay,

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