Self-determination around the world during the twentieth century.

 dependently created an empowered identity that gave courage, pride and strength to protest or fight against the few but powerful forces of marginalization Manifesto 6).

Self-determination was witnessed in all leaders in the 20th century who struggled to correct the discriminatory rules that rendered other people slaves due to race, nationality, gender and sexual orientation. Among the people who exhibited a profound aspect of self-determination in fighting for their rights include: Mohandas Gandhi, Malcolm X, Simone de Beauvoir and activists of Gay Liberation Front (Manifesto 9). This essay will analyze the significance of freedom in the 21st Century to the struggles and challenges faced by infamous leaders in the 20th Century.

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Self-determination around the world during the twentieth century.
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The Second World War was an irrelevant war that led to massive loss of lives, property, and resources. Sir Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt of the U.S signed the infamous Atlantic Charter that advocated for a better future for all people in the world and prevention of future wars that crippled nations (Ganguly and Docker 223). In this charter, the two powerful men agreed that people should not live in fear but struggle to live a meaningful life. Change is constant in the developing world, which implies that a new world order will rise against conventional and powerful administrations that oppress a large number of people. Change is only implemented after a new and better solution to an existing problem has been found and discussed in details. People in the 20th Century had to identify and further redefine themselves and their ideologies in relation to the change that they desire.

Gandhi learned his core Indian values from his humble mother who believed in tolerance, self-purification, vegetarianism and non-injury to all living things even insects. He went to further his education in London university where he studied law and returned to India to work as a lawyer but found limited employment opportunities.

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