Self assessment assignment

Overall, the test was a great revelation to me, and one that will help me to improve my personal and professional life.

The score was 45. This score means that most people think one is confident and in charge of their lives. However, the individual in question is not so sure, whether they are confident. This occurs when one had a difficult upbringing, especially guardians and parents who were so demanding. It can also occur when on thinks that they are not as good as people actually think they are. In relationships, such people will feel anxious and worry so much even about issues that other people would consider petty. It is also a culmination of not being able to forgive self for past mistakes (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2002). Personally, I believe the test best describes me. I have not been so confident in life. sometimes, I feign it, and people around me believe just that-that I am confident. I find it hard to get into relationships. Overall, this test depicted my situation and did not only help me to understand my self-esteem, but also the self-esteem of my close friends.

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Self assessment assignment
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The score was 76. This score means that one is likely to be a leader and set the right directions for the company. They only need to be more confident and get out of the shell. They can plan and initiate change, not only in themselves, but also in others. Leadership is a skill that can be learned and used to motivate others at the workplace and other realms of life (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2002). The score means that if only more effort is added, one can just be as passionate about honing their leadership skills, because at the end of the day leadership is learned, not acquired. Personally, the score surprised me. I have always believed that leaders are born. that they must be orators.

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