Select TWO news articles* (e.g. New York Times, popular articles, magazines, etc.

These articles must be substantive enough to adequately discuss the topic presented) that relate to human sexuality. Choose a topic which interests and challenges you. Th. It needs to be at least 1750 words. The sex reproductive functions involve sexual response cycle of humans and the primary biological drive existing in every species.

The bond that exists between individuals is also an indication of physical and emotional aspects. Species express such bonds through physical manifestations and profound feelings of emotional love, caring and trust. In addition, spiritual sexuality of an individual manifests itself spiritual links that one has with others. Cultural, philosophical, political, and legal aspects also have direct influence on human sexuality. Human sexuality can as well refer to ethical, moral, theological, or religious issues.

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Select TWO news articles* (e.g. New York Times, popular articles, magazines, etc.
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Silverman disagrees that HPV vaccine increases sexual behaviors that are risky in his publication on the Wall Street Journal. The article highlights problems associated with human sexuality, particularly among teenage girls. Silverman is against the idea of giving an injection to young energetic and jumping that helps girls against fear that they may have. They assume that casual sex after pills is safer. The article touches on the vulnerability of such teenagers landing into the infection by different strains of papillomavirus among human beings. According to Silverman, such viruses can easily lead to manifestation of cervical cancer.

Silverman argues that the debate that goes on about the safety of HPV vaccine, turnout of teenagers presenting themselves for the vaccine is generally low. The article notes that only 37% of people targeted of age bracket thirteen to eighteen years turned out for the vaccine. Silverman’s article, however, gives the results by new studies that show HPV vaccine is never a huge concern to lead to sexual behaviors that are risky. Apart from human sexuality, Silverman attests that the positive news will also touch significantly on the business aspects. Gardasil vaccine sold by Merck saw a dangerous fluctuation since there were parental concerns related to its side effects.

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