Security Risk Mitigation Policies.

I will pay for the following article Security Risk Mitigation Policies. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Security Risk Mitigation Policies It is imperative to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data from misuse by people inside or outside any facility or organization. Security policies and risk assessment aspects should be identified and characterized. In this case, there is a security issues with the wireless network connection as well as physical breach on customer’s personal data. This was due to weak access control policies within the organization. Therefore, there is need of establishing new risk management policies, which will address the two principal security breaches and mitigate the risks.

Despite the fact that the wireless networking provides numerous advantages, it is also coupled with various security threats which can alter an organization’s overall security profile. In the case of the wireless network bridge, there is need for effective management to the threats linked with wireless technology. Thorough and sound assessment of the risk provided in the environment should be done in order to develop a plan to mitigate it. A framework to assist the managers to fully understand and assess the threats associated with the utilization of a wireless technology should be implemented. Some of the actions that should be adopted in countering this kind of threat in the organization are as follows.

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The first option should involve different methods for making it more intricate to intercept and locate the wireless signals. This way, hackers will have a hard time locating the organization’s signal. Additionally, the other principal option will involve utilization of encryption in order to preserve confidentiality even when the wireless signal gets intercepted (Choi et al., 2008).

It will also be imperative for the organization to utilize signal-hiding techniques so as to properly intercept wireless transmissions. This is because for any attacker to successfully intrude into a wireless network, they will first need to locate and identify the wireless network. This will be achieved by utilizing numerous steps that will make it extremely difficult to locate the organizations wireless access point. Therefore, the company should include some of the easiest as well as least costly methods which include turning off the service set identifier (SSID) which broadcasts by wireless access points. This will not only make it hard for hackers to have no access, but also, it will make it hard for them to access the company’s servers and download sensitive and personal materials. Moreover, assigning cryptic names to the SSIDs will also make it hard to access the organizations data. Additionally, reducing the organization’s signal will provide requisite coverage. By incorporating these aspects into the company’s wireless network, it will provide the necessary security to properly run the dairy operations in a secure manner (Choi et al., 2008).

The other major issue was the physical breach into the organizations data due to unauthorized access. Therefore, the best way to deal with such an issue is by establishing Key aspects of information security. This will include limiting access of information to exclusively authorized entities. This way the people that will have access to the information will be provided with different usernames and passwords that will change every eight hours. Prevention of unauthorized changes to the data, as well as, corruption of proprietary data should be crucial. The company should focus on guaranteeing that only authorized individuals will have apposite access to critical systems and information (IPA, 2000). Additionally, sensitive data should only be transmitted or shared with intended parties. By implementing the above discussed policies, the company will be able to prevent any further breaches into their system.


Choi, M et al. (2008). Wireless Network Security: Vulnerabilities, Threats and Countermeasures. International Journal of Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering, 3(3), 77-86

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