Scorseses Use of Narration and Sound in Goodfellas

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Scorseses Use of Narration and Sound in Goodfellas. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The narrative actually begins with a shocking scene that takes place more toward the middle of the movie. Because of the way in which he filmed the movie, Scorsese is able to present a unique look at the mob from the inside looking out, drawing his audience into the story whether they wish to go or not and conveying a sense of realism that is missed in other films thanks primarily to his original use of dialogue and soundtrack to tell the story rather than through more traditional methods of dialogue and action alone.

Throughout the movie, dialogue remains in the backseat as a driving force of the movie. Instead, the main character, Henry Hill, tells the story from his own perspective, frequently throwing in little observations that make it clear to us how mob thinking might be different from the average person’s. Observations such as seeing a man bleeding to death from a gunshot wound in the doorway to the shop in which he works and commenting that on the one hand, he wanted to help the guy, but on the other, he could understand why Paulie didn’t want the guy to die on his doorstep make us understand the hard practicality of gangster life in a way that might not have emerged had the scene been left without comment. As the movie progresses, it can be seen how this somewhat innocent kid working in Paulie’s shop becomes less and less touched by the violence around him. In a scene at which the grown-up Henry is sitting around playing poker with Tommy, Jimmy and some other guys, Henry can be seen laughing when Tommy starts waving his gun around in response to the kid bringing drinks having left Tommy’s out. Although he stops laughing and goes to help the kid when Tommy shoots him in the foot, he seems more concerned with what to do about the body when Tommy kills the same kid later in the movie for having smart-mouthed back to him.&nbsp.

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Scorseses Use of Narration and Sound in Goodfellas
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