Schwartz value theory.

Schwartz value theory.

Schwartz Value Theory Schwartz value theory identifies ten motivational values that relate to the desirable end s or modes of conduct, which tend to transcend specific situations, guide selection, and evaluation of behavior common in many societies. The values that exhibit dynamic structural relations among each other include “power, achievement, hedonism, stimulation, self-direction, universalism, benevolence, tradition, conformity, and security” (Schwartz, 2012).

It is noteworthy that the pursuit of the distinct values results in consequences that conflict or congruent with specific values. For instance, the pursuit of self-direction might conflict with the conformity values, especially in cases where the two values are significant at the individual level. In contrast, those who pursue both power and achievement powers find them compatible. The counselors can utilize the conflicting and congruent values in counseling their clients.

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Schwartz value theory.
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Schwartz value theory.
Schwartz value theory.

The Swartz value theory is important because it sets values that serve as guiding standards in the people’s life. The goals that people set have a positive relation with the values contained in the Swartz value theory. Notably, it is possible to group the goals on the circumplex according to the conflicts and compatibilities between them. In effect, the theory indicates that different values coupled with the psychological relations inherent in them are attributable to human attitudes and behavior.

Some values reveal the human deep connection between many issues that people engage in. Nonetheless, contextual, habitual, and environmental factors influence the prioritization of goals and values. Similarly, the Swartz value theory underscores the values are significant drivers of behavior. The values that people pursue have a close relationship with their behavior (2012). For instance, the stronger achievement values have an intimate association with many commitments. In effect, the Swartz value theory guides people’s goals and attitudes, as well as behavior.

Schwartz value theory.
Schwartz theory circle

My value that I pursue to achieve the work solution is integrity. In effect, I value honesty, and always strive to ensure that I am accountable for my actions for the common good. I believe that integrity is an essential value that everyone should embrace in order to realize many achievements in the workplace. The people who practice integrity do not undermine the fellow human beings, regardless of their race, color, political affiliation, or creed.

Working hard without minding whether there is supervision or not results in realization of the set goals. Fundamentally, I practice integrity to endeavor to attain the best solutions and results that benefit and bring about positive change in everyone’s life. I do not tolerate the element of passing the blame to others. Acceptance of full responsibility, whenever things under my care go wrong, is a significant principle that underpins the integrity in me

Integrity has enabled me to make an informed judgment when exploring the workable solution that benefits everyone. Notably, I have recognized that integrity has a positive relationship with the judgments. In this respect, I strive to capitalize on the positive association to devise viable solutions that do not conflict with the fundamental values, which people embrace. In effect, I utilize the integrity to inspire others to explore creative ways of dealing with challenges and making concrete judgments.


Schwartz, S. (2012). An overview of the Schwartz theory of basic values. Online Reading in Psychology and Culture, 2 (1), 1-20.

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