I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Scarface: The World is Yours. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The live of one gangster faction made of two mobsters, who unite to eliminate a rival faction, thus taking control of the illegal alcohol distribution business. Tony Camonte, who is a striving criminal, yearns for life luxuries and lusts for his new partner Johnny Lovo’s girlfriend, Poppy. He is also determined to rule the Northside of the trade, which is under the control of a powerful gangster O’Hara, although his partner Lovo opposes.

This film starts with a perfunctory warning that crimes are dictating society calling for the quick response of the government to take action. The movie is based on the periphery of celebrating criminal lifestyles and wildly violent with several murders, drive-by shootings as well as depicting the St Valentine’s Day Massacre. As the movie progresses, it displays a glamorous view, of the wealth up for grabs, in the criminal world, and explains the message that living well, and dying earlier while young, is an attractive option. The movie is about how the gangster factions dominate the streets and establish their territories.

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Conversely, the 1982 version produced by Brian DePalma is a remake of the initial version. It is an expansive felony yarn that follows the betrayal and failure that a lone man undergoes. Al Picano plays the role of Tony Montana here, and he is, a rude and temperamental Cuban Immigrant, who through the assistance of his fellow refugee, escapes camp in Miami and his job, which was dishwashing, in the setting of a universal drug empire. He rises to power, through the help of a big-time trader Robert Logia, who identifies potential in Montana. He speedily rises acquires power as a drug leader, who is being hunted by his adversaries. He is protective of his young sister from men looking her way and woos the powerful boss’ moll. This movie is narrated in three sections that narrate Montana’s rise to power, his life in paradise, and finally his fall from glory.&nbsp.

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