Scale-free brain-wave music from simultaneously eeg and fmri recordings.

The scientists conducted the study for the propose of improving the few methods that had been developed to translate human EEG to music by developing a new method of translating both brain EEG and FMRI signals to music for a better reflection of the internal functioning activities of the brain (Lu, Wu, Yang, Luo, Li & Yao, 2012).

In this method, there was recording of the simultaneous EEG-FMRI. The subjects were a thirty year old female (subject A) and a fourteen year old female (subject B). The scanning took place when the two subjects were in a resting state (Lu, Wu, Yang, Luo, Li & Yao 2012).

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Scale-free brain-wave music from simultaneously eeg and fmri recordings.
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In the part of composing music, there was referencing of the EEG records to zero with software known as REST developed in the laboratory. They choose the EEG for the purpose of brainwave music, which is at the central region of the brain and is a channel that the body movement does not affect (Lu, et al. 2012).

This is the second method of the study. Music note consists of four characters, timber, duration, pitch and intensity. There was more attention to pitch and intensity (Lu, et al. 2012). In this part, wood was fixed together with piano, and the results were that it changed according to the persons hobbies at the same time as the EEG wave determined the duration. The recording of the EEG-FMRI brain music involved the following.

The intensity of a music note (IM) is relative to the logarithm of the AP which changes according to the Fechner’s law MI=klgAP+1. In this equation, K and 1 are constant. MI is partly related with pitch since both of them are defined by something related to the amplitude of EEG (Lu, et al. 2012). Intensity of the music was represented by adoption of the FMRI signal instead of the AP.

The figure below shows the mapping rules used between the attributes of a music note and brain physiological signals. The FMRI reflects signal to the BOLD signal.

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