Saudi arabia profile

Saudi Arabia profile Saudi Arabia profile (Maps related to Saudi Arabia, n. d) Saudi Arabia is not only one of the major countries in Middle East, but also a prominent member of Arab world or Islamic world. Saudi has a land area of 2.15 million Sq. kilometers and a population of over 28.7 million as per the UN statistics 2010. More than 7 million of the Saudi population is foreigners. The population growth rate is Saudi is around 1.8%. More than 90% of the Saudi population are Muslims and Arabic is the official language (Saudi Arabia, 2011). Riyadh is the capital and most heavily populated city in Saudi with a population of 4.3 million followed by Jeddah (3.4 million), Makkah, (1.6 million), and Dammam (1.6 million). As in the case of many other Middle Eastern countries, majority of the land area are deserts with some rugged mountains in the southwest. Hot and humid climatic conditions prevail in Saudi throughout a year with an exception of only few months.

78.8% literacy is reported in Saudi as per the 2010 statistics. Saudi males are more literate (84.7%) than Saudi females (70.8%). Infant mortality rate is 11.57 deaths/1,000 live births according to the 2010 statistics. Women dominate in life expectancy rates in Saudi with 78 years against 74 years of the males.

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Saudi arabia profile
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More than 35% of the Saudi workforce are from foreign countries and service sector is the major revenue source in Saudi (63%) followed by industry (25%) and agriculture (12%). 2010 statistics show that GDP of Saudi is $623 billion and annual growth rate is 3.8%. Per capita of Saudi population is one among the bests in the world with an attractive figure of $24,200.

Gold and oil are the major natural resources or revenue sources of Saudi. Before the discovery of oil sources in Middle East, gold mining and fishing were some of the major revenue sources of Saudi. Hydrocarbons, uranium, coal, phosphate, and tungsten are some other natural resources of Saudi Arabia.

Surface water sources provide 10% of the Saudi’s drinking needs whereas 84% provides by ground water sources. Desalinated seawater not only used for the drinking needs (5%), but also for generating electric power. Even though the climatic conditions are not so good for agriculture, dates, grains and vegetables are cultivated at some parts of Saudi Arabia.

As in the case of majority of the other Middle Eastern countries, export of petroleum products is the major revenue source of Saudi Arabia. Petroleum and petroleum products export of Saudi worth around $253 billion whereas its imports (manufactured goods, transportation equipment, clothing and textiles, processed food products) worth only $99 billion. In other words, Saudi’s imports are very small compared to its exports which underline the major reason for Saudi’s rapid progress. In short, oil accounts for more than 90% of the countrys exports and nearly 75% of government revenues and more than 95% of all Saudi oil is produced on behalf of the Saudi Government organization. Saudi ARAMCO.

Saudi’s social culture is undergoing severe criticism from the westerners now because of some of the controversial laws with respect to religious freedom and women activities. No Muslim can accept conversion to another religion in Saudi and it is illegal to spread any other religion in Saudi. Because of the domination of religion in politics and social life, Saudi females forced to limit their activities within their home. Two of the most sacred places of Islam. Makkah and Madina are situated in Saudi Arabia.


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