Samsung as the global market leader.

The company is viewed to be one of the profitable subsidiaries of Samsung group in terms of manufacturing microchip and electronics. And they have acknowledged that their success is indebted to the talent, creativity, and dedication of their employees. They did not only compete to gain prestige and power but they are also searching and attracting talented people to work for them. Overall, the group’s vision is to “map out a specific plan of reaching $400 billion in revenue and becoming one of the world’s top five brands by 2020” (“Samsung,” n.d.). Samsung (UK) is popular in the areas of telecommunication and digital media as they have developed and distributed several products of mobile phones and consumer entertainment devices. Despite of the company’s overwhelming success, Samsung (UK) did not stop to aim for higher goals because the global market is constantly changing, and more importantly, they did not give their competitors a chance to overhaul. For them, nothing is impossible, as long as they have the needed financial resources, talented people, and loyal customers. This is the kind of spirit a true company must have.

The main thrust of this paper is to analyze the performance of Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd. By using the company’s financial statements and by applying financial ratios, Samsung’s (UK) performance and financial situation will be determined.

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Samsung as the global market leader.
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For the past three years, Samsung (UK) has proven its success and growth. The company has received several recognitions in terms of producing innovative and advanced technologies. Most of the company’s recent development has been accepted by the people. For 2009, they managed to release new mobile phones like Giorgio Armani smartphones, Galaxy Tab, and Windows Phone 7 (Altoft, 2010). They had also released the world’s thinnest Blu-ray player, TV (6.5mm), and watch phone. Another important event for Samsung (UK) is the restructuring of its organizational leaders and announced its new general managers in the UK print and display division (“Channel Pro,” 2010). Part of the company’s global marketing strategy is the sponsorship of Chelsea FC and Jon Kirkham, the British superstock rider into the latest British Superstock Motorcycle Racing Championship.&nbsp.

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