Safety in Early Childhood Environment

Read pp.29-43 of the best practices for early childhood development by George brown college’s school of Early Childhood(2008) at

Areas for observation in a Public Early childhood school in Grenada west indies:

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Safety in Early Childhood Environment
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Are items in place to prevent fires, falls and theft? –  Only one fire extinguisher, non-skid tills and no security guard

Are the following areas cleaned and disinfected:

·         Floors- yes they are skid proof

·         Kitchen area – there is a child barrier in place to prevent children from wondering in. What other safety procedure is in place here?

·         Nursery equipment and toys – Do they have appropriate safety labels (yes) and free from sharp edges (yes) and small parts?

·         Bathroom areas – are the cleaning agents out of reach of the children? ( yes, it is in a separate room away from toilets and children to reach or see them)

·         Are there any uncovered electrical outlets( yes) or dangling cords in the setting/ classroom (no)?

While you are there please check the following well:

·         Are the outdoor equipment in good order – nothing broken? ( play house need something soft at the bottom of the slide so the children wont damage self on the bare ground, see saw is broken and just the wall structure is up)

·         Is the playing area free of debris,bottles, and other types of hazard.(yes)

·         Are the children supervised when at play? (yes) How closely?

·         Is the area designated for play well drained? (yes)

Based on these observation write a 7 to 8 page report on your findings about the areas listed above to include any improvements that need to be made and or corrective actions that need to be taken.

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