Safeguarding Children. 

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Safeguarding Children. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Safeguarding the Children

Safeguarding or the provision of protection is the basic right of every citizen living in any country or State. In case of children, the responsibility becomes more important that they should be safeguarded against any problem or issue. Children are usually open to be harmed or abused irrespective of their age, religion and classes. Therefore safeguarding them is more important than any other individual living in the society. Usually the provision of children safeguarding legislations, laws and rules is the whole and sole responsibility of the Government and the State authorities.

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According to the authors, the government defines safeguarding children as the protection against any type of abusive or mal treatment. Implementation the best safety and protective practices also come under the umbrella of safeguard (What is Safeguarding 2011). Government may apply different legislations in order to protect children in different aspects. These safeguarding techniques may involve protection in sports (Child Protection and Safeguarding in Sports 2003). Government may finalize different committees in order to check the implementation of child protection laws (Safeguarding Children and Young People 2013).

There are different laws and legislations which are approved and being implemented across different times. However, these legislations were different from each other but the basic framework is similar behind all of these legislations ad laws (Child Welfare Information Gateway 2012). Some of the most popular child protection laws include Children Act 1989, The Children Act 2004, Children Order 1995 and The Children Act 2012 (Child Welfare Information Gateway 2011). UK government has also passed many such laws, which are actually helpful in the provision of safeguard to the children (Child Protection legislation in UK 2014). The true implementation of any legislation is only possible when all the community members are truly involved with it and respect any law or police that is being implied by the State (About Child Protection 2010). Federal committee also plays an important role on the analysis of any kind of child protection, child welfare programs.

The factsheet regarding child protection legislation provides a timeline of all the laws, which were implemented during different time spans (Children Welfare Information Gateway 2012). The list may include The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act in 1974. The Child welfare Act in 1980, Child Abuse Prevention In 1988, Adoption and Safe Families Act in 1993, Promoting Safe and Stable Families in 2002, Child and Family Services improvements in 2011. There is a long list of the legislations, which were developed and implemented during different times.

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