Safe Shoes Management.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Safe Shoes Management. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Staff turnover at Safe Shoes is also very high and it has been increasing. The Regional HR staff is supposed to be conducting exit interview but very few actually get interviewed. Hierarchy and favoritism are the two main issues responsible for the staff leaving in the first few months of the job. The recruitment process needs to be streamlined as the Store Managers have been asking for a greater say in the final selection.

Recognition and motivation are lacking among the staff. They find the job dull with little opportunity for career progression. The Store Managers lack training because they do not provide recognition and motivation to the staff. Because of an inefficient staffing approach, Safe Shoes has been attracting more female staff that prefers non-managerial positions with low pay. The company does have a process to invite employee feedback on the management but once a year has not been considered sufficient to identify the weaknesses and strategies of the employees (Connell & Nolan, 2004). Low job satisfaction and poor relations with the line managers, in addition to no opportunities for career progression, are some of the concerns of the employees.

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Safe Shoes need to understand that high staff turnover only translates into high costs of recruitment. Moreover, employee skills are a key driver of effective performance and productivity (Hart et al. 2007). Training is a critical issue at Safe Shoes and e-learning is one such solution as Nike has been implementing (Marquez, 2005). The company could offer an online training program to the staff on sales, on customer relations, as well as keep them updated about the latest market trends and products. Classroom training is not cost-effective especially as retailers have stores scattered throughout the country.

Retailing has a poor image as a career choice (Hart et al. 2007) and hence the company needs to project an image that would attract the right people. This is an&nbsp.important part of the recruitment process.

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