rite an article on corporate social responsibility of peps

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on corporate social responsibility of pepsico Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Emphasis is given on the firm’s visions, which include the improvement of the firm’s ‘social, economic and natural environment’ (PepsiCo, The Company 2011). Moreover, it is made clear that profitability is not the key aim of the firm. expansion in the world market is among the firm’s priority but this expansion needs to be combined by the promotion of the interests of the firm’s stakeholders – as noted in the firm’s mission and vision statement (PepsiCo, The Company 2011).

In order to understand the relationship between the company and its stakeholders, it would be necessary to describe primary the term ‘stakeholders’, as being used in regard to organizational activities. When referring to the organizational environment, the term ‘stakeholders’ includes the following groups of persons: shareholders/ owners, employees, customers, suppliers, the state (government) and the public in general (Asongu 2007). In PepsiCo, the firm’s stakeholders are defined as follows – in accordance with the firm’s website: ‘consumers, communities, associates, retail customers, investors, partners and suppliers’ (PepsiCo, Stakeholders 2011). Therefore, the relationship between PepsiCo and its stakeholders implies the policies that the company has promoted in order to respond to the needs of the above groups of persons. it also implies the views of stakeholders (as described above) on the practices of the firm. These views can be identified through the following ways: the level of the firm’s profitability (in case of high profitability, the acceptance of the firm’s corporate social responsibility policies by its stakeholders has assumed) and the market research (developed by the company, by its competitors or by independent researchers). Having identified the firm’s stakeholders, the examination of their relationship with the firm could proceed.&nbsp.

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rite an article on corporate social responsibility of peps
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