Risk analysis and threat assessment.

The reasons for conducting a risk assessment are new threats, new technology, new laws, and newly available safeguards.

The issue taken for the risk analysis and threat assessment was the students’ violent behavior at school. The aim of the assessment was to identify the next rebel by developing the profile of a typical rebel. To achieve this, a four spiked model of assessment was designed. This model provides a framework for evaluating a student in order to determine if he or she has the motivation, means, and intent to carry out a proclaimed threat. The assessment is based on the sum of the circumstances known about the student in four major areas.

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Risk analysis and threat assessment.
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Spike 1 (Personality of the student): Evidence to a student’s personality can come from observing the behavior when the student expresses characteristics like managing with conflicts, disappointments, failures, insults, or other stresses encountered in everyday life, anger, frustration, disappointment, humiliation, sadness, or similar feelings.

Spike 1 (Personality of the student): There may be involuntary signs shown by the student about his inclination to violence in his behavior, thoughts or attitudes. The student might often show out frustration and tries to alienate. There is a collection of acts of “injustice” done against him registered in his mind. The student often shows signs of depression such as lethargy, physical fatigue or lack of interest towards any activity performed. He exhibits selfishness and has self-centered thoughts with a great inclination towards entertainment filled with violence. He behaves inhumane and has low tolerance levels.

Spike 3 (Academic History): The student might have a low tolerance for punishments and bullying at school. He might be with a school having a fixed culture with unsupervised computer access. There might little trust with the&nbsp.teachers.

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