Rhetorical visual analysis.

The distinction seems to be a product applied in the bleeding eye. According to the beliefs we uphold, bleeding is associated with pain hence in the on start the message that appears in the mind is that this person must be suffering. To make matters worse, the bleeding part is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, the eye. We all are very careful what we expose our eyes to. Therefore, it appears that the lady in the advertisement was reckless in applying the product to the eye culminating in the bleeding. To demonstrate that the eye is bleeding there appears the contrast of the colors. The product applied is brownish while the bleeding is reddish. This blood is evidence that there is pain involved.

The advert reveals the major consumers of the products in question. A female has been used by the advertisement to show that they are the major consumers of the product. The question that arises from is what if it were the consumer having the product tested on them. In addition, the use of a human subject arouses sympathy and pity. Hence, the message is relayed efficiently. The consumers of the product is also revealed by the predictable age group of the lady in question, she seems a vibrant and young professional who has the capacity to purchase the product she applies.

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Rhetorical visual analysis.
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The advertisement sends the message that the Americans are not only concerned about human rights but also animal rights. It also depicts that, America being a power to reckon with in research is concerned about the welfare of animals by regulating how animal subjects are used. Being a pacesetter in research such a move has influence worldwide. The advertisement has some sense of reality. This is because some scientists have been reckless in the use of animal models. It is important that as the humans try on modifying and developing products should weigh the impact of the products on the animals they use.

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