Rhetorical Analysis Assignment Expectations

ENG121 Rhetorical Analysis Assignment Expectations

In this assignment, students will compose an essay that critically analyzes chosen text. As mentioned in class and in your textbook, the text you choose to analyze can be an image, photo, video, talk, journal article, and more. Please refer to the reading on page 94 for a detailed description of text in the 2ndparagraph. 

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Rhetorical Analysis Assignment Expectations
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In the essay, students will be expected to evaluate the efficacy of the argument based on factors such as:

·      The author’s use of rhetorical strategies (logos, ethos, pathos)

·      Supporting evidence and author’s analysis/explanation of said evidence

·      Absence or presence of fallacies or bias

·      Structure of the argument

·      Author’s tone 

·      Other factors relevant to the specific piece (i.e. audio or visual elements)

Students must cite specific examples, quotes, descriptions, and details from the piece to support their analysis.

Essays will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Introduction & Thesis – Should include an articulate summary of the author’s main points, purpose, and audience, as well as a detailed thesis which states the student’s opinion of the effectiveness of the argument.

Depth of Analysis – Should identify rhetorical appeals and give insightful discussion of why and how they impact the persuasive power of the piece.

Supporting Evidence – Should support ideas with specific examples or quotes from the piece and present excellent balance of summary and analysis; you use the evidence to support your thinking.

Structure – Should have a clear, thesis-driven structure, with topic sentences and support.

Language & Mechanics – Should have fluent and correct grammar, syntax, and word choice.

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