Rhetorical Analysis

In 2004, Barack Obama gave the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention supporting John Kerry who was the democratic presidential candidate. Since then, many have regarded this speech as “the speech that made Obama president.” Watch the speech and answer the following questions. Be specific with your answers. The grade you get will be based on how well you answer he questions.

Obama’s 2004 DNC keynote speech

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Rhetorical Analysis
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  1. What is the underlying narrative/theme that is constructed in the speech?
  2. Who is the audience he is speaking to? Who is he trying to appeal to? How can you tell. Think beyond simply democrats at the convention?
  3. What values does he touch on or appeal to? Values that the American public may have that he tries to appeal to? Provide 1 example of how he does this.
  4. Provide one example of figurative language used and explain how it contributes to the speech? What role does it play, how does it impact the speech?
  5. Give one example of a stylistic device used throughout the speech? Hint* a stylistic device can be something having to do with the structure of the speech. Be specific and tell me where in the speech this comes up.
  6. What did you like most about the speech?
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