Rewarding performance: comparison of alternative reward systems

 After the recruitment and apportionment are over, it is the duty of the organization to provide the managers and employees an optimal working environment and an optimum reward program as part of that environment to retain them maximally. In that environment only, employees will show optimum excellence. But, sometimes the organization will not be able to provide the best working environment due to various factors. This will surely bring down the level of excellence among the managers and employees to a bare minimum. With less than an effective reward program and less motivation, the employees will be hard-pressed to use his/her physical and mental part, and could even consider exodus. So, the important aspect is, the motivation levels of the employees have to be kept at optimal levels with the aid of the reward program so that the employees exhibit optimum excellence and retention.&nbsp.

The mind of the worker is the crucial thing that will make an organization work. Biologically, it is the mind of the worker, which will make the worker ‘work’. That is, only if the mind of the worker is filled with the positive thought process, it will get motivated and make mental as well as physical organs work for the benefit of the organization. The motivated mind will only ‘configure’ the mind as well as the physical body, to function in an optimum way or even ‘push’ them in a maximum way to derive beneficial outputs for the workers themselves as well as the organization. Importantly, the motivated mind will only make the employee stick to the organization. And the useful strategy which will optimize the motivation levels and thereby retain them is an effective reward program. This strategy plus reward program can be implemented by the leader in any environment with good results. Employee motivation and thereby retention is an essential and crucial priority for survival and success in today’s competitive marketplace.

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Rewarding performance: comparison of alternative reward systems
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