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My success earned me inclusion on the team attending IAAPA to give input based on this market research to the team responsible for negotiating and closing the purchases of hundreds of gaming machines. With this experience, I gained the know-how for creating an effective marketing strategy and also managed to find out what the next big arcade game was.

During summer 2012 I obtained an AA degree in Business and CIS in addition to the Magna Cum Laude honor and Phi Theta Kappa Recognition. I continued my education for a Bachelors degree of Science in Business at John Hopkins University. Throughout my studies, I devoted my time to studying American politics, business, and culture. I took the time to broaden my marketing knowledge, learn about information technology in business, improved my communication abilities and learned how to relate electronic tools to business. I can use these skills to assist me in my next position.

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 Resume For A Job
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In the summer of 2011, I volunteered at Silicon Valley Home Owner to assist the impoverished in applying to own a house. I also interviewed many people and gave out food stamps where the situation required it. I had to talk with close to 50 people each day. Because of the constant work, I had to manage my time so that I could help out each person who needed it.

During high school, I was the president of the student body government. One of my duties was to preside over the weekly meeting. I also managed yearly events such as competitions to do with sports, education, and environmental concerns. Furthermore, I was the President of UNICEF at De Anza College. I held charity competitions for basketball and soccer in and around the Bay area. I managed to raise $5,000 and then I donated it to UNICEF. I believe that these experiences, as the president of a big organization, extended my abilities. I was able to overcome the expectations that were placed on me by creating a conducive environment where it was easy to achieve goals.

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