Response to Research from Peer (Spirituality in the Workplace)


Provide a 200 – 300 word (no more/no less) reply to a research paper on the topic of “What issues do you think that personal spirituality programs raise in the workplace, and what, if anything, should be done about them?”.  The response must be dynamic and should not simply restate or reword what the original post says.  This paper should follow APS guidelines when referencing or listing sources but written in first person.  I will provide a template in the attachments.

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Response to Research from Peer (Spirituality in the Workplace)
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Response must include

AdditionalResearch & Analysis: The replies build upon the key ideas of the threads to which the student is responding and make new contributions with new research and analysis. Rather than merely asking questions of his/her classmates or restating what his/her classmates have said, the student advances the conversation with new ideas and research. This new research and analysis is also different from the research and analysis done in the student’s own thread. (so using the same resource, paraphrase, direct quote from your response to the discussion must be different, and that includes not using the same scripture or information from Dr. Fischer’s presentation that you used in your response to the discussion)

Connectivity: In providing this new research and analysis, the student clearly demonstrates connectivity to key points from his/her classmates’ threads, so that the student’s replies read like a true dialogue of ideas and not just another thread. (so this is not about a brief acknowledgment that you enjoyed their posting OR that you just agree with what someone stated and then you write a lot of your own research. This is about identifying several elements of someone’s response and then interspersing it within your reply with further research. In Dr. Fischer’s Worldview, Covenant and Ethics video he really helps you identify what he is looking for when you respond to a classmate. It is contained within the first 3 minutes of the video. There is also a sample reply within the class (see Week 2 Monday announcement).

Required Sources: cannot use sources from the original paper

At least 1 scholarly source (must be from an online peer reviewed journal.  Must be accessible online and provide the link)

– At least 1 relevant business article (must be accessible online and provide the link)

– At least one reference from PointeCast presentation (in attachment):

(Lawrence and Weber, (2014). Business & Strategy:  Stakeholder, ethics and public

            policy, Chapter 5)

– At least 1 Biblical reference (properly cited in paragraph but no need to list in reference list)

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