Please response to this commentImagine that you have been hired as a consultant at the Honest Tea company. How would you advise the company’s leadership team about their plans for future growth?I would advise the Honest Tea Company leadership team about their plans for future growth by telling them to know how to sell to the right clients. Not having the right mechanisms in place to prospect the right clients will make it difficult to sustain growth (Llopis, 2015). I went to the Honest Tea Company’s website and looked at all their products. The only product(s) that I can recall ever seeing out on the market was the Honest Kids brand. I think Applebee’s or some casual dinning place has it for kid’s meals. But what I found surprising was that this company has an organic sports drink line. Yoga and cycle studios could sell this (selling to the right clients).The leadership team also need to have great leadership. Great leaders become immune to pressure situations and also can be extremely intuitive about strategic and long-term plans for the future (Llopis, 2015). You need people who are not afraid to branch out and take risks. The leadership team needs to ensure people that the glass is half full and not half empty.AnjelicaLlopis, G. (2015, Sept.). Top 6 Ways To Sustain Business Growth. Retrieved from

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