Researched Autobiography

Purpose:  To become familiar with Library sources to help tell the story of your life.Outline:

Introduction:  Introduce your autobiography with a personal story, a meaningful quotation, or a significant statistic.

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Researched Autobiography
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Thesis:  For a narrative essay, the thesis is different than in making an argument.  In this case, you need to answer the question “What is this autobiography about, and why is it important to me/a person close to me/my community?”  Remember, you’ve chosen either to write about some aspect of your own life, the lives of some of your interesting ancestors, or the life of your community.

Body:  Tell the story, incorporating facts you’ve learned from your research.  Use the facts to support the main story you have to tell, not to tell it for you.  Follow MLA style for this paper.

Conclusion:  So what?  Why does this story matter to you, your family, or your community?  Reflect on this.  Whether you’re writing about self, family or community, how does this have a bearing on who you are today?

Works Cited:  Sources listed alphabetically by author’s last name.

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