Research Proposal on contingency leadership theories.

Any decision is based on a body of knowledge which is produced through research. By applying the appropriate methodologies and the research method, the body of knowledge can be established and advanced with confidence. Research is basically a systematic method of investigation which increases knowledge. Research relies on facts and experience, data, concepts and constructs, hypotheses and conjectures, and principles and laws (Amaratunga, Baldry, Sarshar, & Newton, 2002). The ultimate purpose of this research is to add knowledge to the already existing body of knowledge, which would facilitate the right decision on the leadership that would suit the situation. Attempts will be made to reach a suitable conclusion to the objectives.

Although research has been considered important in every business activity, there is no consensus on how it should be carried out. There are different paradigms for research which are classified under qualitative or quantitative research. Amaratunga et al., suggest that research strategy should be chosen as a function of the research situation. Each strategy has its own approach to collect and interpret data and hence its strategy has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Research Proposal on contingency leadership theories.
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As far as this research is concerned, the qualitative method or the inductive method of research is preferable because a lot of literature is available, with diverse opinions and it is essential to understand what is happening. Besides, topic, theory and methodology are closely interrelated. The deductive method would not bring to light the deeper, underlying meanings and explanations of the data collected. Taking large samples would be impractical and small studies over a period of time would help establish facts. It would enable to understand the totality of the situation and multiple methods can be used to establish different views of the phenomena.

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