research paper on value of rubbish in a consumer society.

Need an research paper on value of rubbish in a consumer society. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Many factors have contributed to this phenomenon, such as industrialisation, economic growth and affluence (Brown 2009: 108), easy availability of education and better opportunities, and a growing array of options and exposure to improved and varied choices (Hetherington 2009: 29). Social scientists and sociologists have extensively studied the impact of these changes on different sociological levels, trying to explain the reasons behind these shifts in attitude, their targets, implications in both the negative and positive sets, and predictions based on these changes regarding the trends that might be observed in the future (Hetherington 2009: 30). Such studies are important in the fields of economics, politics, sociology, business and marketing, and many other disciplines which are directly or indirectly linked to the way in which people behave and operate (Hetherington 2009: 30). This paper purports to trace the evolution of the present day society in terms of changes in trends of consumption, and the implications of those shifting trends regarding the perception of rubbish in the society produced as a result of consumption. The present day society can be safely labeled as a consumer society (Hinchliffe 2009: 12), based on observations of the trends in the spending habits of the people and the acquisition of commodities (Hinchliffe 2009: 12). Spending money to fulfill needs through shopping is a basic requirement of a sustainable lifestyle (Hinchliffe 2009: 11), and this phenomenon alone does not merit a society as a consumer society. Rather, it is the underlying reasons for spending that money on commodities, the kind of commodities that people acquire, and the mindset with which they perceive the act of shopping and consumption that determines whether a society can be deemed as consumption oriented or non-consumption oriented (Hinchliffe 2009). This is not to state that the present day society in the U.K. is not capitalist in nature anymore (Hetherington 2009: 35). it continues to be capitalist, however, the lifestyle that was previously available to only a select few who formed the elite of the society is now more widely available to the masses, who can now enjoy the same luxuries and opportunities with an easy and more readily accessible approach (Hetherington 2009: 35). The difference between the trends of the 1880s (Hetherington 2009: 45) and the present day attitude towards shopping has greatly changed from the aim of getting what is needed to that of what the consumer wants and desires (Hinchliffe 2009: 14). that is, consumption is no more merely need-based. it is now a statement of an individual’s personality (Hetherington 2009: 50), and an attempt at socialization and maintenance of higher social standing (Hetherington 2009: 50). Shopping has become a pastime and leisure, and consumption is driven by excess and affluence (Brown 2009: 108). This has important implications as regards to the waste and rubbish that such an attitude generates, and its effects on the environment and economy (Brown 2009: 123). These issues will be considered shortly. The shifting trends have much to do with the shifts in the ontology of values in the society. The term value can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the context in which it is used.

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research paper on value of rubbish in a consumer society.
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