research paper on should be down on the country ethopia.

Need an research paper on should be down on the country ethopia. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. There are eighty six known indigenous languages in Ethiopia out of which 82 are spoken and 4 are extinct. The Amhara have been the dominant ethnic groups traditionally. Other ethnic groups have responded differently to different situations taking place in Ethiopia. The Standard of living refers to the well being. Well being is defined in terms of a state being healthy, happy and satisfied. It refers to the quality, degree of excellence, grade or distinguishing characteristics. In the context of Ethiopia it refers to mainly availability of resources/goals to satisfy basic needs. Standard of living has to do with having farm, land, farm implements and a house in rural settings, as well as having a job (employment) or business (income) in urban settings. Those people without these have a jeopardized standard of living The standard of living or the economy of Ethiopia started to grow by early 1970’s, and it diversified into areas such as manufacturing and services. Ethiopia is the 12th least developed country in the world (UNDP, 2007). The HDI for Ethiopia is 0.414 which ranks the country 171st out of 182 countries. The less than average score of HDI ~0.51 for Sub Saharan Africa is scored by Ethiopia. It made no improvement in its people’s standard of living as compared to earlier years.

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research paper on should be down on the country ethopia.
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