research paper on how to detect plagiarism of a person

Need an research paper on how to detect plagiarism of a person. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. The Arab Open University (AOU) seeks to offer opportunities &nbsp.of higher and continuing education by adopting open blended learning utilizing state-of-the-art information and communication technologies, at reasonable costs, to all those who are interested in pursuing a university education, with a particular emphasis on women”. (Reference:

Ans: The term blended learning means the mixing of various learning environments to improve the effectives of the learning process for student as well as teachers. The basic working of blended learning is to mix and combine the traditional practices of classroom learning with techniques of online learning (e-learning). The purpose of blended learning is to engage learners in learning activities and also to make the process of learning more efficient and enhance its effect.

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research paper on how to detect plagiarism of a person
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Ans: As a student we can improve the process by positively participating in this process, learning how to get the most out of it and giving suggestion on how new ways and technologies can be introduced to further enhance the process. Keep check of which services offered through blended learning are the most beneficial and how they can be improved to meet the international standards.

Ans: A search engine in its literal meaning can be defined as a program or software that looks up for the desired search which can be a file, data etc. through a list and returns the results of positive documents from a database, FTP or web.

Ans: Compression is a process by which the size of a data, file, document etc is reduced using various algorithms and to speed up transmission time. The main functioning behind compression lies in the algorithm being used. Various algorithms have various sort of techniques by which they reduce the size of the file selected for compression which can involve simple methods like removing space or representing a streak of similar strings by a single character hence removing redundancy.

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